Up Coming Training Events

Mercy in Action Disaster Resources is
taking training requests for 2018.
Please contact us to schedule your training event.

LERT Training
+Woodbury Lutheran
  Church, Woodbury, MN
+Hope Lutheran, Wake
  Forest, NC
+Messiah Lutheran Church -
  Hispanic, Tampa, FL
+St. Paul Lutheran Church,
  Weston, FL

+Christ the King Lutheran
  Church, Largo, FL
+Shepherd of the Coast
  Lutheran Church, Palm
  Coast, FL
+Messiah Lutheran Church,
  Tampa, FL

+Eternal Shepherd Lutheran
  Church, Seneca, SC
​+Christ the Redeemer
  Lutheran Church, Tulsa, OK

​​LERT Training
September 29, 2018
Woodbury Lutheran Church
Woodbury, MN
7380 Afton Road, Woodbury, MN  55125
Contact: Regina Kehl @ (651) 739-5144

Chainsaw Training
+Hope Lutheran Church,
  Wake Forest, NC

+Messiah Lutheran Church,
  Tampa, FL
+Hillsborough County
  Sheriff's Office, Tampa, FL

+Eternal Shepherd Lutheran
  Church, Seneca, SC
+Hillsborough County
  Sheriff's Office, Tampa, FL

2015 and Earlier
+Hillsborough County
  Sheriff's Office, Tampa, FL
+Messiah Lutheran Church,
  Tampa, FL
+Zion Lutheran Church,
  Ft. Myers, FL

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Chainsaw - Operator
??, 2018
Your Church
Your City
Contact: Joel Mathews @ (813) 215-8098
[email protected]


​​LCMS Disaster Response Conference
October 16 - 18, 2018
Concordia Seminary
St. Louis, MO
Joel & Kathy will be presenters on the FL-GA District response in Southwest Florida, October 16.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Mercy in Action Disasters Resources is able to travel to meet your training needs.

Training Opportunities

  1. LERT Training
    Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT) – basic disaster response training that all volunteers must receive to work in a disaster area. Includes: understanding disasters and disaster response, response behavior and working with others, types of response, congregation preparedness, how you can minister to others by putting your faith into action. Each participant will receive official credentials, LERT manual, and LERT vest. NOTE: All volunteers must receive this training.
  2. Chainsaw Safety and Use
    Chainsaw safety and use – basic certification and chainsaw safety and use for those who operate a chainsaw and non-operator team members. Includes: safe operation and practices, personal protective equipment (PPE), chainsaw physics, tree dynamics, and maintenance. Advanced training includes cutting techniques and pole saw use. Team members attend only the classroom portion. Operators must attend both classroom and hands-on training to be certified. NOTE: Any volunteer who operates a chainsaw must be certified. The Operator class is a hands-on class in which participants will operate a chainsaw under the direction of the instructor.
  3. Muck-Out (Flood Cleanup)
    Mucking – how to safely and effectively clean up a house after a flood to mitigate and remediate mold and damage. Includes: safe practices, procedures, understanding water and its effects, health issues, personal protective equipment (PPE), equipment, and limitations.
  4. Tarp and Patch
    Tarp and patch* – how to tarp or patch a roof to mitigate water damage until a more permanent solution is reached. Includes: safe practices, equipment, and techniques.
  5. Flood Buckets & Disaster Trailers
    Flood buckets* – how to compile and assemble a compact disaster cleanup system for use by those impacted by disasters. Disaster Trailers* - how to select, design, and build out a trailer that fits your disaster ministry team's needs.
  6. NIMS/Incident Command System
    National Incident Management System (NIMS) / Incident Command System (ICS) – the event management system used by governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies working at disasters. Disaster volunteer managers need to have an understanding of NIMS/ICS to effectively operate in this arena.
* Short training topics that can be combined into a single training event or coupled with longer topics.
For questions or to schedual a training in your area, please contact:
Joel Mathews at (813) 215-8098 or send an email to:  [email protected]